Our new website launched

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Our new website launched

Published on Feb 14, 2022 by Marmotverse Team

Hello everyone.

We have another big announcement; we are launching the main project website at This is where we will be compiling all our public communications, our public disclosures and the latest up-to-date information on Space Marmots and the Marmotverse. We will also be hosting all the Marmotverse art in high resolution there, and if you go check out the Marmot Showcase you can see brand new never-before seen Space Marmots. We have produced a complete Common Space Marmot and a complete Rare Space Marmot as examples.

Additionally, our Chief Evangelism Officer Ryan just completed an episode of the Digital Spacecast, which you can check out on YouTube here.

In that interview he makes the first time announcement that the remainder of the SM1 tokens, 6 in total, will be given away as prizes over the next few months as we gear up to NFT minting day.

I would just like to take this opportunity to clarify the NFT transfer fee situation. Minting the on-chain NFTs is going to require significant transaction space, and the fees to match. But that will be a one-time transaction and trading the NFT later will not require the entire image to be re-written to the blockchain. Secondary transactions will have a similar fee structure to other NFT transactions on the Chia blockchain at the time of transaction. We will be providing a full technical breakdown as soon as the standard has been released and we are able to. Check out the website and keep and eye on it in the coming days as we fill out more of the Marmot Showcase and announce the details of the SM1 giveaways. Long live the Marmota!

Image Attribution: eli_allan_photography @ unsplash