Frequently Asked Questions

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Published on Jan 12, 2022 by Marmotverse Team

What are you doing to ensure fair distribution of the SM1 tokens?

Whatever we can. We are using all the tools available to us, and will be adjusting each of the 3 presales accordingly to ensure that as many people that want a presale token will get one.

What is “Premium” about Space Marmots Premium?

In addition to being a guaranteed, reserved Space Marmots mint, the NFTs produced from the SM1 tokens will allow the token-holder to determine the royalty reward address. The Space Marmots minted during the regular minting process after launch will have the reward address set to the Marmotverse.

Why are you all doing this?

Each of us has a few different reasons for participating. Most of us are really invested in the Chia ecosystem, but to others Chia is new. Some of us have previous NFT buying and owning experience and would like to do a project without the shortcomings we have experienced. Some of us are interested in moving the NFT technology forward and proving that you can actually deliver what you are selling. Also, we all believe in working towards charity projects and so have committed to making all the themed NFT projects charity drives. The first will benefit the Marmot Recovery Foundation.

Who is behind Space Marmots?

There are 5 main team members, with some others helping in specific capacities. Ryan Jerome and Drew Beausoleil are the primary founders, with Chris Dupres of The Chia Plot, Sebastian and Hendrik of the Chia Community are helping with the business details and technology aspect. We expect a lot of technical challenges and have staffed appropriately.

Isn’t 3 XCH a lot for a Marmot NFT?

We don’t know. We do know that had we priced it too low speculators in the Chia space would have certainly scooped up too many of our tokens and Marmots for us to meet our goals of getting them into the hands of as many community members as possible. It is a balancing act, and we are hoping we balanced well. We will see.

How are you going to put the images on chain?

Right now we have a number of different strategies planned for testing. It will depend on the technical capabilities of the NFT standard and the galleries, but we plan on working with both Chia Network and the galleries to make sure that we have a good, decentralized solution to this problem.

How will the token exchange work?

When the NFT standard is finalized and partner gallery(ies) launched we will open up the minting. Anyone with one (1) whole SM1 coin will be able to go through a process we are developing to mint their Space Marmot and select their royalty address. There might be additional flexibility and options available to token holders, but we cannot make any promises this early. Only whole tokens will be accepted. While we cannot prevent anyone from trading tokens, or fractional tokens, we stress that their value is in the exchange for a Space Marmot NFT and are not a speculative investment.

What is the Space Marmots Premium (SM1) asset Id?


How do you add Space Marmots Premium to your light wallet?

1 While in the light wallet (Download from click “+ Add Token”
2 Select “Custom”
3 Enter the CAT Information as mentioned in the FAQ entry above and click “Add”
4 You’re done. You now have added Space Marmots Premium Token information to your wallet

How Many Space Marmots will be minted?

There will only ever be 2100 Space Marmots. These are the first series of Marmots and will be the most exclusive. You may hear teaser plans about future series our team is working on, but nothing we do will change the 2100 Space Marmots number. That has been set in motion.