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Published on Jan 12, 2022 by Marmotverse Team


The Marmotverse On-Chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project will be the premiere Art project and exclusive NFT-ownership club on the Chia blockchain. Instead of storing NFT files on unsecured and centralized Web 2.0 storage, or leveraging a competing blockchain, we will be storing our assets directly on the Chia blockchain for maximum longevity and reliability.

The first Marmotverse NFT series will be Space Marmots. The Space Marmots NFT minting event will encompass 2100 provably unique Marmots. There will be a presale for each round announced to Marmotverse subscribers. The presale will be in the form of Chia Asset Tokens (CAT) that will be directly exchangeable for guaranteed Marmot NFT mints after the launch of the Chia NFT gallery(-ies).

Right now we are, and will continue to work with all the NFT galleries that are prepared to display and sell NFTs on the Chia Blockchain and the Space Marmots project intends to launch on the first day possible.

You can keep track of the upcoming launch dates of the various Chia NFT galleries in development by following the official channels of Chia Network Inc. The Marmotverse will also provide you with updates and instructions as soon as the partner gallery(-ies) go live.

The breakdown of Space Marmots available for mint is:

-2000 Regular Edition Marmots. Divided into Common (1600), Uncommon (300) and Rare (100)
-30 Limited Edition Marmots. with completely unique attributes.
-70 Special Release Marmots. To be announced after the presale rounds are complete.


Space Marmots will be the first set in the Marmotverse. Each Space Marmot will be randomly generated from a base Marmot and a set of attributes and accessories that make that Marmot unique. That unique Marmot will then be encoded with a serial number and converted into a Base64 data string and embedded directly onto the Chia Blockchain. This will make each Space Marmot as permanent as Chia itself with no additional centralized requirements to see your Marmot.

Space Marmots is going to be released in stages. The first three stages will be a presale of 100 Space Marmot Premium (SM1) tokens on the Chia decentralized exchange ( This first presale will be for 2.3 XCH per SM1 token. The first offerings will be sent to the members of the Space Marmots mailing list before they are made public. These offerings will be the lowest priced Space Marmots made available.

The SM1 tokens will also grant the holders the right to mint their Marmot themselves, setting the royalty reward address to any address of their choosing. After completion of the three presale periods the remainder of the mints will be opened on the partner gallery(-ies) with the royalty address set to the Marmotverse.

As the Marmotverse can only exist because of the Marmots, the Space Marmot project, and all subsequent Marmotverse NFT mints, will be donating 10% of all minting revenue to the Marmot Recovery Foundation at This will be done in Canadian Dollars based on the amount exchanged and the exchange rate at the time of donation. Donations will be made in coordination with the Marmot Recovery Foundation after the sale period is complete.


Please see the Marmot Showcase for an up-to-date gallery of Space Marmots Art. It is still in development, but more will be added consistently.


Space Marmots will be a fully decentralized, high-quality Marmot based NFT that will exist as long as the Chia Blockchain does. They will be sold at low prices during the pre-sale period with final pricing set once the rest of the Chia NFT Gallery infrastructure has been released.