Exchange SM1 for Marmots

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Published on Jun 06, 2022 by Marmotverse Team

Welcome to the SM1 Exchange Program

This will allow all SM1 Token Holders to exchange their SM1 Prerelease Token for a special NFT minted with their specific Royalty Reward address minted for them.

When you submit the Royalty Address, this is the XCH address that will both be written to the NFT for 5% royalties in perpetuity, as well as the address we will send the Space Marmot NFT to. So be VERY careful.

Please submit the following form with your XCH reward adddress, your email address (So we can contact you if anything goes wrong) and create an offer file with your SM1 token for the following CAT with Asset ID: 6fe9ce90652bcf259ccf1bd9240057d6b17a5e5b82e4e4cd3b62d8099db9003c

How to Add a CAT to the Chia Wallet Step 1

How to Add a CAT to the Chia Wallet Step 2

The offer file should be for exactly 1:1 of SM1 to the Thank You CAT. This token you will receive has no value, and is merely an exchange process to record the information necessary to mint your special, custom Space Marmot. Do not sell or buy these tokens. Do not post your SM1 offer on a public exchange such as Offerbin or on Keybase, as it could result in your SM1 being stolen by someone else.

Once we have received your order, we will begin the manual process of creating your bespoke Space Marmot. This Marmot will be drawn randomly from the pool of available Space Marmots and does not confer any advantage to random selection.

Good luck, and Viva La Marmotverse!

Royalties will go to this address. Make sure it is correct
We need this to contact you in case something goes horribly wrong
Upload the offer from your wallet